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British Media Vs American Media.Which is Better?

Last week in British life and culture we learned about American vs the British Media. Before coming to London, I only used to watch American media and never been exposed to any other countries’ websites or news. Thankfully, in our British Life and Culture lecture our professor touched about what other countries media looks like and clear some of my confusion.

It seems to me that the British press is better at covering just about everything than the American media. For example, the professor showed us the clip of two different countries covering the same topic about Ebola and how both countries had very different presenting style. After watching the clip, I find that British media seems to do a better job of presenting calmly compared to American media. Whereas American media tend to spice the topic bit more to make public panic.

I think certain countries might be reacting and presenting the same topic differently could depend on the health system they have. The American system does not have good health insurance for the public whereas British people have free health insurance and they tend to present in a calm and relaxed way compared to America.

What do you think? Do you pay attention to the British media? American media or none at all? Have you watched any British TV and noticed a similarity?​


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