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Namastee London

Tower Bridge

Hello again,

It has officially been a week since I arrived in London and I am excited to explore what London has to offer in these two months.

I am staying with a host family (called homestay) in a beautiful house. I live with Jeannette Murphy and two other girls Rocio and Sabrina. Growing up in Nepal and only surrounded with Nepali people I never knew what it would be like to living with British family and learning cultures and sharing ideas was beyond my comfort zone. I found it very interesting and nice.

I have been practicing speaking like British a lot and I feel like my ability has already increased within few days I have been here. This tell me nothing is impossible if we put our mind and thoughts into it. It would not have been possible without the help of FEA, I am forever grateful for this opportunity and thank you FEA for helping me through this study abroad program.

I am feeling bit of a homesick, but I will go visit my uncle who lives an hour away from my homestay in few weeks.

It has been nothing but amazing experiences so far.

I have not met many British people just yet because for me it takes little longer to get to know and build my confident level with other people, but I will keep pushing myself and hopefully that will go away.

First week went by so fast. So much has happened in so little time. I spent Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in class learning what is encounter humanities, British life and cultures and survey of world religion courses. First week of classes were very interesting and I am loving so far.

I know these next couple of weeks are going to fly so fast so I will try to live in the moment and enjoy what London has to offer. I am trying to get all the abroad experiences and memories so I can utilize to prepare for my future.

Thank you so much for reading me, stay tune until next time!




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This is Bidhya Bhattarai.

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